“The model should only serve the very private function for the painter of providing the starting point for his excitement.”

—Lucian Freud


I paint because I want to recreate the essence of life. My subject matter is the influence of significant personal connections that I try to capture with oil paint in raw, intimate moments. Willem De Kooning once said that “flesh is the reason oil paint was invented.” Oil paint, in its purest form, is a carnal medium. I can manipulate and transpose it at will—constantly layering it, scraping it away and pushing it around the canvas. My relationship with my work becomes a very messy, physical experience.

From bone to blood to skin, I have a desire to break open and re-assemble my subject matter from the inside, out. I am interested in the construction of identity, both physically and mentally. I reduce identity to its core of physicality to discover what the truth of it is and how important physical appearance is with how we identify. When painting flesh, it allows me to expose the raw in my subject—the hematic, viscous, universal pink that we all share, concealed under our exterior identifiers. I expose my subject for what it truly is—meat and flesh, inherently and unapologetically human.



BFA (Studio Art) // University of Massachusetts Lowell // Lowell, MA // 2018

Cultivamos Cultura Art School // São Luis // Beja // Portugal [summer session] // 2017



[July] 2019 // Liz Auffant // Solo // Newburyport Brewing Company // Newburyport, MA

2019 // Spring Members Open Show // Group // Newburyport Art Association // Newburyport, MA

2019 // For the Love of Art // Group [co-curated] // Helen Thomas Gallery // Andover, MA

2019 // Still the Rain Falls // Solo // The Wine Lab // North Andover, MA

2018 // Small Works Show // Group // The Switchboard Gallery // Haverhill, MA

2018 // BFA Spring Exhibition // Group // University of Massachusetts Lowell // Lowell, MA

2018 // Burning Minds // Group // Arts League of Lowell Gallery // Lowell, MA

2018 // UMass Lowell Printmakers // Group //  Lowell Telecommunications Company // Lowell, Ma

2018 // Culture // Group [co-curated] // Lowell, MA

2017 // Thought Made Visible // Group [co-curated] // Lowell, MA

2017 // Creaticity Art and Makers Festival // Solo // Lowell, MA

2015 // A Collection of Paintings // Solo // Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, Lowell, MA

2016 // A Collection of Paintings Part 2 // Solo // Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus, Lowell, MA

2015 // UMass Lowell Printmakers // Group //  Lowell Telecommunications Company // Lowell, Ma

2012 // Winnacunnet Student Art // Group // Provident Bank // Hampton, NH



Senior Studio Award in Painting // University of Massachusetts Lowell // 2018

Excellence in Art Award and Scholarship // Seacoast Artist Association // 2014